1, Enterprice Overview 
Foshan Foyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.is a modern construction machinery manufacture enterprises, professionally produce and sell "FOYU" brand construction machinery products. The company covers an area of 60000 square meters. The products are sold to over 20 provinces, city, autonomous regions,and all over the world ,e.g, Southeast Asia ,Middle east ,Africa and other countries and regions. After years of unremittingly of effort, the company has developed into a powerful economic entity. In 2005, acquired  ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, in 2007 ,obtained a grade of special equipment issued by the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the manufacturing license, the company in 2012 2009 and won two times in the implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system standards for the title of outstanding enterprises. In 2010 the company passed the 2008 version of the international quality management system certification. In 2012 made the two measurement certificate Guangdong Provincial enterprises. In 2014 the company leading product concrete mixing equipment, Guangdong Province, was awarded the title of famous brand. With the development of the society and clients requirements, the company continues to improve in quality management, and maintain the quality management system in line with international standards.
The company to pursue people-oriented, refine on corporate culture, adhere to innovation as the soul of enterprise development, with exquisite technology, rich production experience, scientific management system, quality monitoring system, promote the development of enterprise comprehensive. We: member of committee of detection technology China Engineering Machinery Industry Association; China engineering machinery industry association construction hoisting machinery branch member; Nanhai District "Eagle program" key support enterprises.
(1) the main products:
A. concrete mixing plant (building):
HZS25, HZS 35, HZS 50, HZS 60, HZS 75, HZS 90, HZS 100/HLS 120, HZS 150/HLS180.
B. concrete mixer:
JZC350, JZC500A, JZM750;
JS500, JS750C, JS1000A, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000.
C. concrete batching machine:
HPD1200, HPD1600, HPJ1200, HPJ160, HPJ2400, HPJ3200, HPJ4800.
 D. concrete pump:
HBT60, HBT70, HBT80, HBT60S, HBT80S.
E. concrete truck mixer  (truck):
3 cubic meters -10 meters.
F. WCB Modular soil-cement mixing plant:
WCB200, WCB300, WCB400, WCB500, WCB800.
G. construction elevator:
SSD60, SS80D, SS60, SS80, SS100, SC200/200.
H. cement silo:
60t, 80t, 100t, 150t, 200t.
I. synthetic stones forming equipment.
(2) hardware resources: the company''s existing equipment more than 300 sets, including lathe, flanging machine, hydraulic machine, fully able to meet the need of production. The company owns mechanical properties testing physical and chemical room, his machine, have the ability to re inspect the purchase of materials, to ensure that the materials used in line with national standards. The company has established own website: www.fsfyzg.com, introduces the related information of products, enterprise culture, the convenience of customers know about our company.
(3) the quality policy: people-oriented, excellence, pioneering and innovative, customer satisfaction.
2, in recent years, the production and business operation situation
(1) specializing in the production of "FOYU" brand high-quality construction machinery, production value, market share for many years among the best in Guangdong province.
With good manufacturing based, since the "Buddha Yu" brand construction machinery market, access to the domestic and foreign customers the consistent high praise, rising sales, to create a good social and economic benefits. Buddha Yu heavy relying on a strong sales network nationwide coverage, advanced production equipment, leading production technology, sound management, excellent quality, good brand advantages, to achieve the rapid development of enterprises, the production scale, product quality, market share, economic benefits and other aspects has been in a leading position in the industry.
(2) the advanced production equipment and work reliable equipment, ensure the quality stability of the Reliable Corp of the company products in recent years has invested a lot of money to introduce advanced equipment, such as automatic CNC cutting machine, all kinds of special combined machine tool, made practical and reliable fixture, fully improve the enterprise original manual labor intensity large, the product quality is not stable state. At the same time, but also greatly improves the production efficiency, reduce production cost, so that the price of the product is easy to be accepted by the masses of users, in a short span of a few years, "Buddha Yu" brand series of products in the market promotion effect significantly, has created the huge economic benefits for the company. Product quality for the customer the consistent high praise.
3, to open up the international market
The company to develop the domestic market at the same time, also aiming at the international market demand. To this end, the company has established a special international sales department. In recent years, many organizations to participate in Canton Fair, study abroad, and network marketing means, to establish a good business relationship with overseas customers, products are exported to Southeast Asia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions, has been overseas customers the consistent high praise.
4, the Buddha Yu brand construction
"Adhere to the quality first, the implementation of brand strategy", this is the Buddha Yu heavy business philosophy. A gold lettered signboard is priceless intangible assets of the enterprise, is the objective need of the survival and development of enterprises. Buddha Yu heavy early put forward "winning brand" business ideas, so as to make brand strategy target and implementation measures.
(1) has a long history of trademark registration:
As early as May 21, 2002 year registered the "Buddha Yu" brand trademark, trademark design is simple, bright, full of beauty, the Buddha Yu identification and catchy name for the future "Buddha Yu" brand success has laid a good foundation.

(2) and improve the brand management system, strengthening the work
The company has established the mechanism of brand leadership strategy, cultivate professional personnel engaged in enterprise famous brand exploitation. At the same time, according to market demand, according to the "Buddha Yu" brand influence in the market, pay attention to the extension of brand development, construction and management of enterprise brand. In the production and operation planning annually, the company will develop the trademark work objectives, to establish the focus of the work of brand building, at the same time, according to the "characteristics of need and market Fo Yu" brand products to customers, the strategic goal for the brand construction also should be adjusted continuously, therefore, "Buddha Yu" brand brand building work to the overall planning, work arrangement, the implementation of inspection, the stage work summary of management.
(3) for a specific audience to Buddha Yu trademarks and brand publicity work
Buddha Yu heavy in the country has set up a good image. To further enhance the "Buddha Yu" brand image, the company attaches great importance to the media publicity, publicity hype directional printing manual for specific customers, thus higher visibility in the industry and customers get, the company also adopted to organize large-scale activities to establish a "Buddha Yu" brand image, and the erection of large billboards in Fujian province the company is located in Guangxi, and other major sections Foshan, Buddha Yu brand publicity.
(4) to maintain a high quality level, casting a "gold Buddha Yu" brand
To build quality, tree made a hundred years of brand, we must first improve the quality of products, requires that each worker should have to do quality of thought and behavior, the spirit of "adhere to the quality first, the implementation of brand strategy" concept, carefully, finely crafted, create a "boutique Buddha yu". A good brand will have the good quality of products, the company since its inception, with a high starting point, high positioning, high standards to pay close attention to product quality management, customer requirements for product quality as the driving force, in the ongoing introduction of technology transformation, production process innovation at the same time, the strings are always tight product quality the implementation of lean management initiatives, with strict rules, standards, strengthen the inspection, improve the quality of four in one, and continuously improve product quality, make the "Buddha Yu" brand products to high quality, high-grade direction, have reached the advanced level is better than the domestic products of the same kind of, products manufactured pass rate reached 100%, the main quality index was significantly higher than the national, industry standard quality requirements.
(5) the establishment of a sound quality customer service system is the brand construction:
The company does not regularly every year for sales personnel of customer service of professional training, ensure to provide convenient, considerate after sale service at any time for the consumer. In order to further improve the quality of customer service. On consumer feedback, customer service professional coordination processing, made "provisions must reply" in 24 hours for customer feedback, the customer service department professionals classify these opinions and suggestions of finishing, careful analysis, timely feedback to production department and production department to improve as the important basis and improve the quality of product quality, work. In addition, consumers can also get in touch with my secretary by letter and e-mail and other forms, the spirit of "customer first" principle, sincerely, serious and responsible attitude, to solve all kinds of questions raised by consumers. Over the years, the company products in the domestic and foreign customers market satisfaction reached more than 98%, never appeared due to quality problems of the claim event.
5, new product development, technological innovation
(1) has strong product independent technology development strength, leading the technology development level of industry
The company will be a year of a certain percentage of the sales for product development and technical innovation of special funds, continues to introduce new year, not only to provide consumers with more than 1 new products with the domestic advanced level, application of new technology, new materials also has served as a leader in the industry.
(2) the level of first-class technology, first-class products of high technology development
Through years of investment and accumulation, the company has product development system, detection system, evaluation system of management engineering advanced in the R & D system, has been established and formed the integrated ability of research and development, applied technology research ability and the verification test three core ability. Company''s existing R & D center senior professional titles more than technology development personnel, the main use of Pro/E, UG, Solid, work, Autocad and other related software design. With new product development platform combining CAD/CAE/CAM technology in one, equipped with manufacturing auxiliary product design and analysis of computer. In the condition of detection and evaluation of products, the company has advanced testing system.
6, product quality
(1) "Buddha Yu" brand construction machinery quality status within the industry
Good quality with the advanced production equipment, equipment and strict quality control system. Our company for the whole process of strict monitoring of the quality of products, from inspection, raw materials and accessories production process inspection to finished product inspection, has developed a series of test. The main inspection personnel are to professional department to carry out professional training, have a leading inspection technology, ensure the accuracy of product quality testing. Because of the company in the whole production process adopts the advanced equipment and high-quality raw materials production, there are stringent process quality control and each employee "quality first" the guiding ideology of production work plus, the quality of its products for many years at the National Supervision Inspection qualified, has been stable in the industry a higher level.
(2) the company has perfect and advanced quality management system
Strengthen the internal quality control, the establishment of four level quality management mechanism. Buddha Yu heavy since the beginning of "high standard, strict requirements", strengthen the internal quality control. All the staff make concerted efforts to establish the scientific standard system, started a comprehensive quality management standards implementation work. In quality management, through the training, assessment, and strengthen the education of quality consciousness, the establishment of the general manager, Department, workshop, teams and groups four level quality management agencies, signed quality management responsibility shape, implement quality one vote veto, strict raw and auxiliary material inspection, production process inspection, finished product inspection three. In order to further improve the quality assurance ability, continuous improvement of quality management system, in 2005 the company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, in 2007 obtained a grade of special equipment issued by the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the manufacturing license, the company in 2012 2009, two times winner of the implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system standards for the title of outstanding enterprises. In 2010 the company passed the 2008 version of the international quality management system certification. With the development of the society and clients requirements, the company continues to improve in quality management, and maintain the quality management system in line with international standards.
7, talent team construction situation
(1) standard and perfect personnel and staff training system
In order to strengthen the overall quality of employees, improving talent quality, every year, a lot of money and manpower to carry out effective training for personnel of various kinds, the company adopts the method of internal external training, in addition to please foreign teacher to all staff class, so that all staff understand the content and the importance of the work, at the same time that the main personnel to participate in the training, education, improve the level of.
(2) effective incentive measures and welfare
In order to effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of talents, the company developed a variety of salary and welfare policy, management personnel compensation post compensation system, performance wage income and the company''s sales revenue, profits and personal; contribution technical personnel''s salary and new product sales revenue and people; workers wages piecework wage system.
8, build international competitiveness of Chinese construction engineering machinery brand
Looking to the future, the company will be "Buddha Yu" brand high-quality construction machinery R & D and manufacturing as a leader, use of Nanhai advantaged technology and talent advantages, strive to achieve rapid growth in sales and revenue. The company will continue to customer satisfaction as the fundamental, to zero defect factory as the goal, to strengthen the brand construction, advance quality planning, quality management and technology advancing forward, "Buddha Yu" to build into the international competitiveness of China Construction Engineering machinery brand, and make due contributions to the construction of China Construction machinery!