The 1 basic requirements, service personnel:

Honest and hardworking, law-abiding, study hard, good at communication, bear hardships and stand hard work;

2, wearing uniform clothing company work;

3, a unified service behavior.

Service for clients to do four things:

First, I represent the Buddha show Yu companies come to provide the service,introduced Buddhist Yu company service hotline and welcome the customer to carry out supervision;

Use the shortest time to second, for the customer, troubleshooting, problem solving;

Third, product failure analysis and use and maintenance training to customers, goodservice and clean up the site; fourth, to solicit customers of Buddha Yu products and services advice, fill out the "service feedback forms in accordance with the standard".

4, customer service must comply with the "four no":

First, not to the customer complain or propose any complain;

Second, no initiative to propose to the customer to provide free cigarettes, wine,entertainment and other requirements;

Third, it is the quality problem of the products to the customer not to shirk responsibility,customers of improper use damage causes, customers should patiently explain and technical guidance;

Fourth, are not allowed to do anything harmful Buddha Yu image and acts in violation ofthe specifications of the thing.