1, the pre-sale service

(1) to the customer advisory reply and is responsible for the explanation;

(2) understanding of customer needs, and according to user needs to provide a reasonable allocation scheme.

2, the sale of services

(1) follow the contract, responsible for each department organization review;

(2) coordination contract matters;

(3) provide various technical parameters and basic drawings for the customer.

3, after sale service

(1) the provisions of the contract time for the user equipment installation and debugging;

(2) arrange training plan according to the customer demand, and guide customers tosuccessfully use and operation;

(3) receiving complaints handling customer on product quality and service quality;

(4) the warranty period (contract) the quality of handling the problem belongs to my company''s products;

(5) the implementation of user pay a return visit system, prompt understanding usercomments and suggestions;

(6) responsible for service personnel, service personnel''s overall quality and continuously improve the;

(7) has a large installation team composed of 50, private car after-sales service is fast service, effectively protect the interests of customers'' training.